WOD 2/2/12 – Annie, We Meet At Last

Oy vey.  Today was tests 6-8 for the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge.  Today we had:

Test 6: 1 RM Clean-to-Thruster in 15:00

Test 7: 5 RM Front Squat (3 attempts)

Test  8: “Annie ” 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit-ups S1: Rx S2: 3 singles *Clean to Thruster weight, Front Squat weight, and “Annie” time and scale recorded

My wrist is not 100%, so I did PR my thruster, but not by what I could have done.  I stopped at 85lbs to preserve my wrist for the front squats.  My 5RM front squat was 95 lbs.

Oh Annie.  Since I do not have reliable double-unders (they come and go as they please), I did singles.  That translates to 150-120-90-60-30 single jumps and 50-40-30-20-10 sit-ups in between.  Needless to say, I didn’t finish.  I worked up until the the 15 minute time cutoff.  I had the last round to go.

My goal is to finish it on the retest.



WOD 1/31/12 – Circle of Awesomeness Tests 4-6

Level Two
Test 4: 1-Rep Max Power Snatch in 20 Minutes
Test 5: L-Sit Hold (2 attempts within the 60 Minutes of class time)
Test 6: 2-Mile Time Trial (2o Minute Cap)

MGJ 70lb :04 (S3) (6 Laps)


And a PR!  I pr’d my snatch by 15 lbs.  Thanks to Erica and Colleen.  My L-hang was only 4 seconds, but I will do better on the retest.  I’m inspired to build my own parallalettes to practice at home (shhhh!  don’t tell!).

The big news of this day was the run.  I didn’t want to row 2 miles.  Who would EVER want that?  So I decided to run what I could.  It’s been so long since I’ve run anywhere…I don’t really have a stride.  In the oval laps around our building, I ran the straights and walked the corners.  I tried speeding up and slowing down.  I tried long and short strides.  It’s sad to lose the ability to run.  I certainly wasn’t fast.  But I did 6 of the 8 laps in 20 minutes.  That is truly no small feat from where I started.  Although I could not run like that in every WOD, my knee wasn’t especially bothered afterward.   I just want to be able to run the warm up lap in morning.  My goal is to get the full 8 laps in 20 minutes on the retest.

Like I told coach Walker, running has been on my “I Can’t” list since my accident in 2004.  Almost 10 years.  And I stuck to that.  Now, it is on my “Sure, No Problem!” list.  That’s amazing.

Thank you Erica for running an extra lap to get me thru the end.  That was very cool.  I needed it.

WOD 1/30/12 – Karen, I hate you even more

Level Two
A1. Ring Dips x6-8 x3 Rest :45  – Ring pushups

A2. DB Snatch x5/arm x3 Rest :45 – 20 lbs

A3. MB Walking Overhead Lunges x10/legx3 Rest :45 – 6lbs
*Post weights to comments


5 Rounds
200m Run
15 Box Jumps (24″, 20″) – Step ups 20″ box
15 Tic Tacs/side (20 lb, 14 lb) – 6 lb ball
*Total time, Rx or scale recorded

My time was 20:57

Oh Karen, you bitch.  My legs are so sore. Like, I expected to see bruises sore.  I immediately whined and complained to coach Boone.  And he laughed.  I think I only made it thru 2 rounds of the skill work since my lunges were so slow.

I decided to do the most work I could in the WOD to try and loosen up my broken legs.  I did step ups, but on the 20″ box.  I ran for only the second WOD ever.  I was so sore, I planned only doing 3 of the 5 rounds but I kept going.  I’m so glad I did.

And rock on Cindy for those fierce box (plate) jumps and her demo of the ninja skills we all should have!

WOD 1/28/12 – Karen, I hate you

Circle of Awesomeness Challenge Tests
Test 1:
Vertical Jump (3 attempts) – 91”

Test 2:
Karen – 7:09, 6lb ball
150 Wall Balls Shots for time
(20 lb, 10 lb)

Ok, so my vertical jump is 4 inches.  Fine.  Whatever.

Karen is horrible.  150 Wall balls?!?  I used the 6lb ball since this was my first WOD back from the flu (lucky me!).  I’m pleased with the time, but Cindy sent me a video of a few throws and my squats were way WAY high.  That’s going to be my personal goal for improvement on the retest in March.  I want my squats to be to depth.  Even if it takes longer.

WOD 1/20/12 – First Time Running In A WOD

All Levels
On the Minute for 10 Minutes, Alternating:
3 Kip Pull-ups for Quality – green band
3 Ring Dips – push ups
*Scale up to CTB


2 Rounds (for Quality):
14 KB Swing – 16kg
*Alternate from Russian to American each rep

5 min AMRAP
5 Push ups
5 Kip Pull ups – jumping
10 (Total) Lunge Scissor Jumps – reverse lunges

I finished 2 (almost 3!) rounds.  And I ran.  That’s a big deal.

WOD 1/19/12 – Strength Day! And a PR!

Level Two
Strength Session
A. Front Squats x2-3×5 RPE 8-9 Rest 3:00 – 115
B1. RDLs x4-6/Leg x3 @ 3111 Rest :45 same
B2. L-Sit x:30-:45 x3 Rest :30
B3. KB Cross Chops x15-20/side x3 Rest :30 – 12kg

Fingers broken? Check!  Wrists cranked? Check!  Vision blacking out? Check!

It must be front squats!  Thank you to Erica for help getting my PR.  Valyn – you come lift with us any time you want!

WOD 1/17/12

Level Two
A1. Strict CTB Chin-ups 3-3-AMRAP (- 1) rest :90
A2. Broad Jumps x4x3 rest :90
A3. Front Rack Reverse Lunges x5/legx3 @ RPE 7 rest :90 – 15lb bar
*Post Final weight and reps for Chins, and Lunges to comments

4 Rounds
6 CTB Kip Pull-ups
9 TnG Deadlifts @ 50-55%
*Time, DL weight recorded, Rx = CTB Pull-up

MGJ 5:09 120lb Jump


WOD 1/16/12 – Ego Aside

Skill Session

A1. HSPU xAMRAP (-3) x5 Rest :45 – pushups
A2. Kip Toes to Bar xAMRAP (-3) x5 Rest :45
A3. Hang Snatch x3x5 @ RPE 7 x 5 Rest :45 – 45lbs
*Scale to a version you can complete at least 3 reps per round


3 Rounds
400m Run – Row
15 Unbroken Thrusters (95 lbs, 65 lb) – 35lbs, 15lbs
20 Double Unders – 40 singles
*Total Time, Rx or Thruster Scaling weight recorded

Even after 3 days off, my wrist is still bugging me.  I owed 10 burpees this morning and did them on my fists.  I did regular push-ups in the skill session on my fists as well.  I did 5 reps per exercise in the skill portion.  If I caught my snatch with my wrist even a little relaxed, it screamed.  I was so pre-occupied with the catch, that I never went low enough.

Knowing this, I went even lighter for the thrusters in the WOD (35lbs).  I figured I would just catch with a stiff wrist and not in front rack.  I got thru one round that way, but it’s so ingrained to flex my wrists!  On the second set, Coach Boone made me take off all the weight and just use the 15 lb bar.  I was so bummed.  I never take off weight (unless it is critical).  I guess it was today.  I was in so much pain every time I brought the bar down.  So I finished with a time of 14:41.

I’m so disappointed about taking the weight off.  But moreso, I’m disappointed at myself for being disappointed.  I’m injured.  I would never push another person to keep weight on the bar in the same situation.  But I’ve been adding weight to my thrusters.  I was so proud of finishing a WOD with 75lb thrusters!  This is a lesson.  I need to can it, and work on my form, and my time, and all the things I CAN do with a bum wrist (that will heal).  It’s ridiculous to let this ruin my morning.

Paleo Notes:

On the upside, food!  I spent the weekend cooking from Mel “Melicious” Joulwan’s Well Fed.  I mad an amazing pot of chocolate chili, machacado, and avocado relish.  I’m making the Scotch eggs tomorrow.  Everything is delicious and I’ve really enjoyed cooking.  After my cheat last Wednesday, I have been totally on the wagon.  I think I will be ready when the Challange starts in 2 weeks!

WOD 1/12/12 – Strength Day!

Strength/Make Up Day
A1. Front Squats x4x5 RPE 8-9 Rest :60 – 85lbs
A2. Horizontal Ring Rows x12-15×3 Rest :90
B1. RDLs x6-8×3 @ 3111 Rest :45 –
B2. Push-up x10-12×3 Rest :45
C1. DB Ext. Rot. x12-15/arm @3010 x2 Rest :30 – 5lbs
C2. Hollow Rocks x10-12×2 Rest :30
C3. KB Cross Chops x15-20/side x2 Rest :30 – 12kg

Not may favorite strength day with this stupid wrist injury.  I had to do frank squats alternating with a crossed-arms hold since I’m having trouble with front rack.  Such a bummer.  I spent so much time trying to get my form right..I didn’t really move the weight the way I wanted to.  I don’t remember our RDL weight, but I felt like the bar was too far forward and I was feeling my back way more than I should.  On the plus side, I was able to finish the entire workout this time.  I need the ab work, for sure.  I’m glad we got it all in.  Thank you to Miss Erica for being my partner.  It’s been too long.

Paleo notes:

Last night I fell off the wagon and had some wine and pretzels.  Not enough carbs to kick my heartburn up, but enough to feel like crap today.  There is always a little nagging voice in my head when I start a diet that constantly reminds me that I’m missing something.  I’m not.  Not at all.  That’s the last cheat.  I’m on-board 100%.

WOD 1/10/12 – The To-Do List

You know that feeling of dread / exhaustion that comes over you when you have a REALLY LONG to-do list?  That was this morning.


A. Strict CTB Chin-ups 5-5-AMRAP (- 2) Rest 3:00 B/t Sets


3 Rounds

12 Deadlifts @ 40-50%

Jump Rope: 25 Single Jumps

12 Kip Pull-ups

:45 Front Plank Hold

12 Tic Tacs (Per side)

Jump Rope: 25 Skier Jumps

12 Step-ups (Total, scale up explosive step-ups)

:45 Front Plank Hold

*Total Time and weight recorded

Wow.  It invokes the same feelings looking at it again now.  The only real mod I made was the skier jumps.  Tough on the old knees, so I did regular single jumps.  I used 115lbs for the deadlifts.  My time was over the 20 minute mark…20:45 I think.

We all worked so hard.  Everyone.  I’m so proud of Haley and Sarah for finishing when they didn’t really want to.

Paleo Notes:

Heartburn is still gone.  I do have slight cravings for wine, but not enough to make me suffer the after effects.  I had a protein shake pre-WOD again this morning and it helped.  I didn’t feel so empty and wasted after the WOD.  I still had enough gas for the last round.

I’m not really posting a food log here (or my weight or stats).  The major tracking will begin with the January 28th Circle of Awesomeness Challenge.  I really want to focus here and now on how I feel.  If I had listened to my body in the first place, I wouldn’t be in this mess now.